How good is Ravelco? You decide.

Below are pictures and the story of my buddy's truck after a failed theft attempt that was thwarted by the Ravelco Security system on 8/5/2007. While the thieves did extensive damage to his truck, I think it's a testament to the efficacy of the Ravelco Security system. I had this system installed in my new Power Wagon after my Ram 1500 was stolen X-mas of 2006. While unfortunate that this happened to Chris, it has served to bolster my faith in Ravelco. After the police were done, Chris popped in his Ravelco key and started the truck with a screwdriver. They were that close, but without the Ravelco key they just couldn't get it running.

Granted, he's looking at a few thousand in damages, but that's a drop in the bucket compared to the $60,000 his truck is estimated to be worth after all the performance mods, lift, tires, and about $1,000 in Recon lighting he won in a contest. This doesn't even take into account all the time and energy he put in to mod his truck to where it is now. So, without further ado, here's his story.

Today I was woken up by my neighbor at 6:33 AM. I opened the door and she yelled "They tried to steal your truck and it's in the middle of the street". Armed with my digital camera and cell phone, I went out to assess the damage and call the cops. They came out pretty fast (comparatively speaking) in about an hour to take the report and then later, crime scene showed up and tried to get some prints.

Well, they sure did give it a gallant effort, tearing up the interior pretty badly, but they only got away with a pack of smokes, a couple compact discs and my cell phone charger. I'm pretty mad, but at least I still have my truck

I have to say THANK YOU RAVELCO for protecting my truck!! Since becoming a distributor for Ravelco this last winter, I now have first hand experience with someone trying to steal my truck. Now I know that the system works and I am so happy that I still have my truck. I can handle paying for the repairs of the dash, door and steering column as that's cheap compared to replacing the truck completely. Thank you again RAVELCO!!!

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They folded the left rear seat down, probably looking for stereo equipment.

Underside of steering column showing some of the damage.

Steering lock actuator laying on the center of the front seat.

This is the point of entry. They used a screw driver and went between the door handle and the sheet metal to pop the lock.

Truck was in the middle of the street just out of my driveway with the door left open.

For some reason, the right rear window was rolled down a bit when I found the truck.

Plastic debris from the steering column lying on the driver's side floor.

This is the mess they left me while they were digging around in the back seat area.

Remains of the ignition switch lying on the ground

The ignition cylinder laying on the front passenger floor.

Looking from the drivers side top area of the steering column.

View of the steering column from the passenger side.

They tore through the center console digging for personal items. They got a couple compact discs, cell phone charger, pack of smokes and the owners/service manuals.

Initial view from driver's side.

Another shot of the top side of the steering column.

Wider shot of the driver's side damage. Plastic from the steering column on the floor of the truck.

Another view of damage to the steering column from the passenger side.

How I found my truck after my neighbor woke me up at 6:33 AM.

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