VHT Nite Shades Cab and 3rd Brake Light Blackout

Surprisingly, this was a really simple mod that didn't take much time. In fact, if you don't count the drying time for the VHT Nightshades tint, it only took about an hour of prep time and work. The results are spectacular.

The only thing you need is a can of VHT Nite Shades lens tint ($10.95 a can from here), a sheet or two of 1,000 grit sandpaper from your local car parts supplier, a t-25 torx bit and a clean ventilated place to apply the VHT Nite Shades tint.

There were no surprises on this mod. You just need to make sure you do a good job sanding so the tint will stick. That means getting around the part numbers, dimples, and screw holes. There is a really nice permanent "seal" built into the lens cover, so I didn't add any silicone or other sealant when reinstalling. The VHT Nightshades directions say not to use more than three coats so that it wouldn't become too dark. I stuck with that and did three nice even, but light, coats waiting about 45 minutes between coats. After the third coat, I waited for about an hour before reinstallation making sure they were dry and not tacky. The directions say to wait six hours after the last coat, but it didn't seem necessary to dry for that long. I didn't tint the underside of the cab lights.

UPDATE: Did the 3rd brake light as well. Since there was only one instead of the five cab lights, it was very quick to do.

Thanks to Shep21 on the 3G Power Wagon DodgeTalk Forums for the idea.

Click on a picture for a larger, higher resolution view.

From the front

Matches bug deflector

Second coat

1st coat

VHT Nightshades

Pulling the masking off

Holding it up to the light makes it easy to trim

Damn that looks good

Finished masking

Another angle

3rd coat

Lights on with flash

From the front


Light sanding with 1,000 grit

Wider view

Finished sanding

Lights on without flash

Masking off the white bed lights

First coat

Lights off no flash

2nd coat

Getting ready to tint

Another angle

Bottom side of lens cover


Four prepped lens covers

I had done one the night before

Angle from the bed

Third Coat

Dried and installed. SWEET!

Another angle

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